Monday, 13 March 2017

Powerful Amal To Get Your Husband Love

Powerful Amal To Get Your Husband Love “, As we know that Amal is the very important ISLAMIC formula to get your husband love but at first we have to attend or follow the rules of THE ALLAH OR THE GOD , I.E at first we all have to trust on the God or Allah who is the supreme to all , who is the best for all , who is very powerful for all ,who is almighty for all ,who is not seen or unseen for all , since we know that Allah is creator , operator and destroyer of all things which are present or exist in the sky or on the land or the planet’s of the earth or in other words we can also said that world is exist between land and sky ,and these world ,sky and land formed or constructed by the supreme power of the God or the ALLAH .

so for this we have to cheer or appreciate to the Allah or the God who made all things whether it is related to living things or whether it belongs to non – living things , the appreciation in the form of AMAL and we know that Amal is the combination of the five basic or fundamental rules and regulation which is provided by the Allah in the holy book of the Quran or in the KALM PAK of Islam or in Muslim family or in religion of Muslim , the ISTIKHARA , WAZIFA , DUA , SURAT OR SURAH , these all are also shows or indicates Amal , suppose we give the illustration or examples is that if we read or study the surah or surata YASIN which is the heart of the Quran and if we read 40 days for the positive purpose i.e.

For husband and without absent one day we complete 40 days this surat or surah or we said that AMAL then through this AMAL wife get the love of husband in very superior or in very understanding way because this AMAL or surah YASIN deduct the problems of husband and wife in very positive way and we know that when we got positive then we got merits in the person understanding and behavior and when husband and wife there is no creating of misunderstanding and misbehavior between them at any time then they got success and satisfy and automatically they got happiness in the life processes or phenomena .

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