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Make Child Obedient Wazifa

Wazifa to make your child obedient and intelligent: Natural healer for your child’s problems

Make Child Obedient Wazifa Children are the gift of Allah on this earth. They are the most innocent form of human beings. But this innocence of their, often leads them to a wrong path. Knowingly or unknowingly, they start to do evil deeds, if not guided onto the right path.

Make Child Obedient Wazifa
The heart and mind of a child is vulnerable to the cruel, selfish and evil world. Shaitan can easily deceive a disobedient child. Such of kind kids get easily attracted towards satanic things.

For them, parents are wrong and the people who misguide them are right. The definition of freedom and fun is outright wrong in dictionary of most of the teenage children. But they never listen to parents or elders and do what they want to.

This scenario is growing in this continuously changing society. Thus, it is very necessary to keep a proper track of your child and guide them on a path of righteousness.

The best method to tight your grip over your child is to take help of the Almighty. He has a solution to each and every problem of mankind. Here we mention the importance of wazifa and their naturally positive effects.

Wazifa to make child obedient:
A disobedient child is the one, who never obeys his/her parents, no matter what the situation is. They rarely think maturely and live life on the path of ignorance. Such kids do not understand the significance of living a life of righteousness. Parents or gurdains of such children always keep worrying about their child’s future.

Make Child Obedient Wazifa
When such kids reach extreme limit of disobedience, parents start to feel extreme anxiety regarding their child. If you feel the same, do not be disheartened. God always helps everyone. Allah has asked you to share your each and every problem with him through prayers because he is Rahim and rehman. Wazifa is one such divine and powerful technique to fulfill your wish.

To transform your disobedient child into obedient one, do the following wazifa with full faith and devotion. Usually, it is the sons who are disobedient and annoy their parents and parents look for wazifa to make son obedient. This wazifa works best for such sons or children:

  • You can begin this wazifa on any day and on any time you wish to.
  • Do a fresh wudu (ablution).
  • Recite the powerful Surah Yusuf from the Holy Quran for 1 time;
  • Now, make a prayer to guide your child on a right path, which is free of evil interference.
  • Blow this on a glass of drinking water and make the child drink the same.
  • Do this wazifa on a regular basis for 41 consecutive days, viz. do not omit o do wazifaon any single day in a period of 41 days.

Wazifa for a stubborn child:                                            
These days, children are too much free and independent. They want freedom in every aspect of life. When parents stop them from something, they call it interference. Since, their mind is not fully grown, they do not know what is good and bad form them. They do what they feel like and eventually become stubborn, if left unchecked. A stubborn child will never listen to anyone’s advice and rather prefer to their whims and fancies.

Make Child Obedient Wazifa
Therefore, it is very important to do their treatment before they become a stubborn person for life. Allah has laid down many duas and wazifas in the Noble Quran for such kind of stubborn children.  Recite the Surah Kafiroon for 11 times and blow it in child’s left ear. Soon, inshallah the child will get rid of his stubbornness.

Wazifa to make child intelligent:
Every soul born on this Earth comprises of some or the other special trait. God has granted some qualities to every human being. Intelligence is one such trait which is mostly inborn. But not every child is born with an inborn intelligence. Such children are unable to act smartly in every situation and mostly do stupid things. They do not have a creative bent, a sharp memory and take longer time to understand something.

Make Child Obedient Wazifa
They cannot perform best in studies too. Since, in this fast moving world intelligence is a must, parents worry a lot for such kind of child. If your child is facing the same issue, then relax and ask Allah to help you. Wazifa is one such natural way to invoke the eternal power of Allah. Such wazifas help to make your child intelligent, memory sharp and enhance his/her ability to grasp things. Below is an effective wazifa to make child intelligent:

  • Do a fresh wudu (ablution).
  • Begin by reciting Durood-E-Pak for 3 times;
  • Read Quran-e-Kareem Surat Al KahafAayat #104 to Aayat #110;
  • As you complete reading the above mentioned aayats, read Durood-E-Pak for 3 times;
  • Immediately after the above step, blow over some sweet eatable or almonds and make the concerned child eat them. Surely, the blessings of Allah pak will make your child gain intelligence and a sharp mind.

Parents are always worried about the complete well-being of their child. Though there may be other means to cure your child problems, but nothing can be more powerful than a Quranic way. Wazifa is one such way, which is safe and pure.

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