Wednesday, 13 January 2016

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It is every people know that Allah always ready for the help of their people. Prayer is the link of the man with the Allah. Through pray we can ask for anything from the Allah (god). When you get in trouble you can get help from the Allah. But the pray should be selfless. When you have lost your any item, you can get help from the Allah. By Islamic prayer you can find your lost item or if anyone has stolen your item, you can know who have stolen your item. Islamic prayer for lost item works for the same goal.  But for the Islamic prayer there are also some rules, according the rules, firstly you have to wash and clean your hand and body. Your hair should be covered with the cap or cloths.  Last and most necessary thing is that you have to believe in Allah.

Islamic Prayers For Finding Lost Items
All the religion and culture tell us that the god is one. But there are many rules and methods to have faith in them. In all religion we have the different type of rules to show over faith in the god. In Islamic religion we know him as the Allah. The Allah is always mercifulness and indulgent for their people. If we have faith in Allah then they shower their charity on the people. When you get in any problem, he always helps you to solve your problem. But to get her help we have to show our faith on them by following some rules. Islamic prayer for finding lost item is the one of the rule or method to get the help of Allah. You can find your lost or stolen item by following it.

Prayers For Lost Family Members
Allah is always indulgent for the people. But believe and faith is the most necessary thing to get the help of the Allah in any problem. When, you have lost your any family members. You have done anything to find them but you do not find them. In such situation the Allah can help you. You have to pray the Allah to get your lost family member back.  But your heart should be clean for this Dua. If you have clean heart and true faith in the Allah you can get your lost family member back. According to Islamic religion there are some rules and methods to show faith in the Allah. You have to follow this method and rules. But when you do not follow these method and rules which told in Islamic religion, you can’t be called true Muslim and the Allah will punish you.

Prayers For Someone Who Lost A Loved One
Islamic Dua also work in the love matter. It makes the love feelings in the heart of the person whom you love. You can get attraction from your loved one. It also works in the situation when your loved one leaves you for any reason. It effects on the mind and heart of the person for whom we are doing this Dua. It makes attraction for the user in the heart of our loved one. The Allah helps the person in this situation. But we have to faith full for the Allah. If we do not have faith he cannot help us.

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