Sunday, 17 January 2016

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Strong Muslim Mantra
are extremely very powerful and also protect you from evil spells strongly. None is worthy to get worshiped except Allah. Some powerful Muslim mantras are shown here for various purpose for your mankind.Never misuse of tantra as it may be extremely harmful. Always be under guidance of any noble guru previous to doing anything with Muslim tantra rule.
Money Increment
Aajibo ya estrafeel bahakk ya alif ya alla ho
100 times
To get respect
Ya izraail bahakk ya tay ya tavkavo
1000 times
To fulfill wish
Ya kilkaail bahakk yazim ya javvadi
3000 times
to bring lost person back
Ya mahkaail bahakk ya khay ya khaliko
1000 times
to destroy enemy, for prosperity
Ya dardaail bahakk ya daal daiyani
1000 times
for love spells
Ya juhrraail bahakk ya jaal jul jlav valaikram
1100 times
to get hidden treasure
Ya asva keel bahakk ya jay ya raheem
1000 times
For protection
Ya sarfaail bahakk ya re ya jakiyo
501 times
to bring wish come true
Ya hamvakeel bahakk ya seen ya sameeo
7 times
to kill tireness , destroy enemy
Ya azmaail bahakk ya swado ya samdo
500 times
 for protection from enemy
Ya laujaail bahakk ya joy ya jahiro
40 times
for love spells
Ya laujaail bahakk ya ain ya animo
70 times
Attraction, Love spells
Ya sarhama keel bahakk ya pheya fatta ho
1000 times
to kill laziness
Ya itraail bahakk kaaf ya kafiyo
400 times
for house protection
Ya dauraail bahakk ya hay ya dadiyo
70 times

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