Monday, 25 April 2016

Powerful Taweezat And Nuqoosh or Naqoosh

Taweezat Nuqoosh
(i) Hub حب
4 husband and wife
and family members!

(ii) Zaban Bundi زبان بندي
to stop any one who spreads rumors and talks false about u!

(iii) Bughz بغض
to end unlawful affairs and relationships!

(iv) Islaah اصلاح
4 husbands who cheat on their wifes and vise versa, prevention of alcohol and drugs etc family disputes etc children who disobey their parents!

(v) Sehar سحر جادو
4 removing black magic and cure it.

(vi) Assaib‏ آسيب جن ‏
removing all disorders created by the jinn!

(vii) Jalb جلب مطلوب
4 runaway and lost person and child to come back to the place he ran away from etc

(viii) Hamal حمل
4 removing pregnancy disorders caused by black magic etc

(ix) Bakht بخت كشادن
4 marriage proposals and removal of marriage hurdles of all sort.

(x) Wusat وسعت رزق
4 business and bringing costumers to shops etc.

(xi) Hifzan e Jaan o Maal حفظان جان مال
4 protection against black magic and enemies evil eyes sights etc

(xii) Istikhara استخاره

4 istikhara about something concerns u like problem, illness, lost person etc

طلاسم جماع ‎(xiii)Talasim Jama

4 those who use medcine and stuff to enjoy their married life.

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