Thursday, 4 February 2016

Dua For Good Relation Between Husband And Wife

Dua For Good Relation Between Husband And Wife, ” All his / her fall, she wants relations. All lead a successful life and happiness in the case with a handle. dua for good relation between husband and wife live with quality in the first, and their relationship with development. At some point in time I was not able to give time to each other, they began to fall in love, and where. But a lot of choice, and some of us are excited, and our hero, but we have the time and the life, and life as we lose interest. This can lead to divorce, may spoil the relationship between husband and wife.

Do not divorce, can not make it through the process in the dua for good relation between husband and wife, only one answer: no. Through Dua, you ask Allah to make our relations and a protocol on the track of healthy relationships can not be released. Two of the world, he wants to keep the friendship between them. Protocol in relations between men and women, can lead to divorce. To avoid this protocol, the two believe in each other and the blessings of Allah, and the addition of a single solution in the first count.

dua for good relation between husband and wife listen to the prayer service at the request of Allah Muslims. Dua Istikhara (before working on innovation seeks help of Allah), and it is important to start Wazifa. Both couples living right at the beginning, but because of his employment plan to spend more time, because they do not qualify after some time they saw two zero charity walk. One of his / her successful marriage can Dua. Dua, we care about our marriage, and we ask Allah for making durable.

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